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Be aware of what people are saying about the topic that you're following. Engage the community with positive vibes and get new customers.

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Activity Timeline

Single Timeline to engage all your social channels


Be in the loop of what's happening in real time

Daily Emails

Receive the best posts that fit your topic right to your Inbox.

Custom Algorithms

We use custom scoring algorithms that allows to show you the most relevant content first

Vibes is a powerful and easy to use audience insights tool

Imagine having all the social networks condensed into one supercharged dashboard that allows you to engage your future customers and see trends before they become mainstream.

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How does it work?


Create your first Timeline

Define a community that you want to follow and which one you want to integrate into.


Define your Filters and Providers

Define tens of Filters and select multitudes of Social Networks that you want to monitor


Get actionable insights

Catch the vibe - become the key person in your community and market your ideas.

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Gain social capital by engaging your  audience

One of the most important things that you can do as an indie entrepreneur - engage the community, become a known individual - everything else will follow

Build a relationship with your audience
Reward the trust with value
Get ready for opportunities that come your way

Pricing for Creators of all sizes

I'm highly confident you will get much more value from this product than what you will pay for it - it will come in the form of sales, social capital and fun.


Perfect for indie founders who are just starting

2 Projects
3 Filter Keywords
3 Authors per Project
Limit of 3 Social Networks
Sync every 3 hours
Secret Scoring Algorithm
Low-Priority Support
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Perfect for creators who are established and want to expand their reach

5 Projects
7 Filter Keywords
7 Authors per Project
All Social Networks
Sync every 1 hour
Secret Scoring Algorithm
Support fellow bootstrapped entrepreneur
And more...
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For established entrepreneurs who want to grow in different niches

10 Projects
15 Filter Keywords
15 Authors per Project
All Social Networks
Sync every 10 minutes
Daily Email Summary
High-Priority Support
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Frequently asked questions

I would like to clear a few things up before you consider becoming a paying customer

So what exactly does it do and how does it stand out?

Most of the social monitoring tools - they offer you the means to be aware about the stuff that's happening around your brand. This is cool when you have it, but that's not what was made for. It's made for indie founders to be aware of what's happening in their community and engage people in genuine conversations.

So, for example imagine that you're a Podcaster - you want to know how the podcasting community is doing and spread the word about your own podcast. Your community is not exactly people who interact with your brand, but the community of podcasting as a whole.

So first step is you create a Timeline - this represents a single community - you define the filters, the profiles that you want to be aware of and you start monitoring the vibes and participate in the discussions. You provide value to your audience by genuinely helping people out and participating in the discussions - this leads to you increasing your social proof.

Then you can start slowly capitalizing on the audience that you have built - you mention your Podcast, how people can sponsor you, offer discounts, asking for feedback etc. Not spamming in conversations of course, but really providing them value with what you do. Think of this as Audience-Driven product building.

And as you've built your social proof with this community they have more trust in the value that you will bring - which in the end drives more sales.

What Social Platforms do you support?

I've integrated Twitter, Reddit, Indie Hackers, Product Hunt currently. I am also in the process of getting more platforms integrated like Hackernews,, Slack Groups, LinkedIn etc.

What if I'm not satisfied with the product?

There's a 7 day Free Trial period when you sign up. After you register there's a button to go to billing and cancel your subscription, completely automatic. And even if after a month you're not satisfied and want a refund - I'll give you one no questions asked. I understand that there's no perfect tool and it might not be a fit for everyone.

How does your product compare to X?

Good question, the answer is - I don't know. I have my own vision of the product how it can help makers & creators build their tribes and I haven't really checked out the competitors. I've got the Idea from listening to Arvid Kahl's Podcast "The Bootstrapped Founder". Highly recommend it.

Can this tool help me if I'm a Podcaster / Artist / Indie Hacker / or any other indie creator?

Yes, I think it can. The point of this tool is first of all to help you understand what your audience wants. What is your community talking about - get a deep insight into their conversations. And second of all it helps you embed yourself into those communities - not for spammy reasons - but to be a genuine contributor to the community.

Privacy: Do you post on my behalf?

No, I value your privacy and will not be posting to social media from your accounts. Even when you use Twitter to login, I do not ask for permission to post - only to view your email address and full name.

Maybe in the future when I will have more of your trust I will implement posting from inside the app.

What creators just like you say about it

I'm currently still building in public, but here are a few things people have said after using the tool.

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