Case study for Indie Founder starting a new SaaS

Social media is generating so much sales and opportunities everyday that it's the same as leaving money on the table if you're not taking these chances. This statement holds true for most people in the creator economy including indie founder of a software product.

daily sales opportunities
daily engagement chances
potential growth

Let's imagine a scenario where you develop some cool piece of Software with a monthly subscription - for example a Customer Relationship Management Tool. There are A LOT of them, different ones, serving different markets - the competition in this niche is huge, but the demand for such software is even higher. Not everyone needs Salesforce to manage their clients. And this is where comes in.

Let's get to the point

As a single founder of your newly created CRM there are many things to do to drive your business forward - but in this case study we're going to focus only on the few that I can help you with right away:

  • Start managing your reputation early and care about what people say about your software. People usually go to social media to vent if something doesn't work and you can always turn a bad situation into some good PR by giving benefits to the user or solving their problem in a proper way. Seeing and reacting to people who mention your brand is a simply but a very effective method to spread positive vibes around your SaaS which can lead to more sales.
  • Keep an eye out for those social interactions where people are asking for advice and/or recommendation in your niche. For example, for a CRM Software these kind of posts might contain texts like "can someone help me with CRM" or "which CRM to choose" or "which CRM is better for <niche>". All of these posts are your potential clients - don't leave them hanging and jump into the conversation and let them know about the value that your software can bring them.
  • Monitor the competition. This boils down to keeping your friends close and your "enemies" closer. In the end - every business needs to be aware of the direction the competition is headed and react in a proper way. Also who knows, a partnership might blossom if you play your cards right with your competitor.
Following the Brand Name of your CRM
Following the "recommendation" keywords that can result in sales

How can vibes help you out?

With the help of Vibes you can set up social insights ecosystem that gives you information about your brand, your competition and potential customer. What this means is that Vibes will be monitoring everything around you to make sure that you react to the opportunities that are presented to you - either by spreading good vibes about your brand or convincing that new potential lead that yours is the right product for them.

How do I start?

  • First of all - define the filters for the timelines that you need.
    • First Timeline - the Brand Management Timeline - will need all the variations of your Brand Name.
    • Second Timeline - the Recommendations Timeline - will need filters like "recommend CRM" or "help with CRM" or "suggest a CRM". Probably a few stop-words like "free" so we focus only on the people that can pay for your product.
    • Third Timeline - the Competitors Timeline  - here we input the brand names of the biggest competitors.
  • Prepare a Response that you will be sending if someone on the internet asks for a recommendation. Small variations are good, but be consistent with your pitch. A good practice is to have a few of the key USPs clearly defined to showoff the value of your product.
  • Brace yourself. The system is now monitoring your timelines for posts that you will engage with and will optimize your timeline for best match. Several rules to follow:
    • Not everything is worth commenting on - there will be a lot of noise on your timeline but it's important to stay consistent and only comment where you really have something of value to add.
    • Don't spam - doh, it will hurt your reputation.
  • Go through the daily email in the evening, and check if you've missed anything.

What value will I get?

The value proposition for you is pretty straightforward:

  • good vibes around your brand drive sales
  • Generating buzz around your software drives more targeted traffic, which drives more sales
  • Being helpful to the community increases your social capital which makes it easy to get more sales

I hope you see where I'm going with this - being aware of what's happening around you and being helpful in the threads - in the end brings more sales.

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